The Power Of Big Pharma

“ your sorceries (PHARMACIES) were ALL NATIONS DECIEVED” - Revelations 18:23

The power of the Drug Industry amazes me. They create fake foods to sicken people, and then practically force them into utilizing their drugs to mask the symptoms of the illnesses which come as a result of these junk foods. If I put chlorine bleach in your child’s food to purposely make them sick and then demanded you pay me for the cure – which is really not a cure but just keeps your kid alive long enough so you can keep paying me for my “cure” – I would be an evil monster for committing such an act right? So why do YOU allow the Drug Industry to do the same thing I just described?

The Immune System is the military of the body Yahweh created. And His weaponry for our external military is found in the foods He created for us to consume in LARGE amounts – unrefined produce. When you arm your Immune System correctly, it will search and destroy all foreign enemies who try to invade it, such as the FLU, allergies, bronchitis, tonsillitis, asthma, and ALL other diseases of a bacterial and viral nature before they cause significant damage. Yes, you may still feel under the weather for a few days, but you will recover QUICKLY.

Eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) weakens and destroys the Immune System while simultaneously strengthening the bad guys – the bad cells, bacteria, and viruses. The Drug Industry knows this, so they make these foods so addicting you are willing to sacrifice your life, health, retirement, and pension for the heroin-like high you get from eating things abominable to Yahweh. The Drug-Industry has stripped you of your will to have a great body and health. They give you, in effect, chlorine bleach to purposely make you sick – but the bleach tastes oh so delicious! And then they created a FLU vaccine and advertised it and beat it in your head that this vaccine will save your Immune System from nutritional suicide. The FLU vaccine, which creates far more harm than good, will no more protect you from the flu or any other illness than a man on the moon. If it works…pay attention please, if the FLU vaccine WORKS – why do “they” say you have to take it EVERY YEAR FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! LOL. Because it does not work. Why in the world would the FOR PROFIT Drug Industry give you something that would permanently work?

Why would an industry that has made TRILLIONS of dollars from selling drugs to SICK people, give them something that makes them WELL…for GOOD? Open your eyes! The For PROFIT Drug Industry is NOT:

  • Going to find a cure for cancer
  • Find a cure for the FLU
  • Find a cure for AIDS
  • Find a cure for HIV
  • Find a cure for headaches
  • Find a cure for allergies

They are going to continue to do what I described in my opening statement. Feed you poison on purpose and then give you drugs to “manage” not completely cure your resulting illness. Feed you cookies, candy, crackers, sodas, pancakes, chips, cakes, doughnuts, etc. …which disarm your body’s military – The Immune System – and then hand you a sign-up sheet for the FLU shot.

If I did that to your child, I would be thrown in prison for the rest of my natural life for every ill-treatment and endangerment laws in existence. But because of MONEY, the Drug Industry operates in this EXACT manner (and worse), and you let it happen without so much of a fight. And they are so powerful, the few renegades like me who are trying to wake people up, are viewed and treated as extremists. Unbelievable! I’m an extremist because I want you to live a long life into your hundreds in excellent health? But killing yourself with food and drugs and then drugging yourself to death with worthless vaccines and medications is considered reasonable and sane?

Well did our creator Yahweh know when He stated:

“…..he who is upright in the way is ABOMINABLE to the wicked.” – Proverbs 29:27

Whew! I can’t say much more than that!

I hope you live a long life in excellent health,

And may Yahweh have mercy on us all,

Minister Nathaniel Jordan – The Minister Of Wellness

P.S. Someone once said to me “Well Nate, you can’t force people to eat healthily”. Yes, very true, but the reason I can’t is that I don’t have the money or power. The Drug Industry does so they significantly influence you to uncontrollably eat yourself to obesity and sickness and strip you of your ability to enjoy your retirement, pension, grandchildren, spouse, and all other old age experiences. So when you’re killing yourself with food and lifestyle, don’t ever think you are exercising some phantom “free-will.” You are doing EXACTLY what the Drug/Medical/Food Industries WANT you to. Sorry to bust your bubble.

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