Cancer Epidemic In Teens

More Than Half Of All Teenagers - Generation Z - Will Die From Cancer

Generation Z is the first generation of children which will NOT live as long as the previous generation in the history of humanity. And, why would they? The Standard American Diet, or what I call the Satanic American Diet (SAD), has become so egregious, so deadly, I truly believe it was created through demonic infestation.

US Teens are eating almost 34 TEASPOONS OF SUGAR EVERY DAY! The CDC recommends sugar consumption to be no more than 4-6 teaspoons per day (I say 4-6 teaspoons per every MONTH). And of course, teens are still eating 60% of calories from processed junk foods devoid of any nutrients and loaded with over 10,000 different chemicals, many of them toxic to the neurological system. And then 30% of calories from animal products which come from animals raised in torturous conditions and pumped with HUNDREDS of different antibiotics so they can stay “healthy” long enough to be justified for slaughter and human consumption.

So, teenagers are only eating a measly 5% of total calories from fresh produce – aka fruits and vegetables. What are the results of eating this way? Well obesity rates have quadrupled in the last 50 years amongst teens, and nearly ½ of ALL current teens in the US will develop cancer during their lifetimes, and ⅓ or MORE will develop Type II Diabetes.

It’s time to WAKE UP and stop this INTENTIONAL slaughtering of our future generation.

I hope you live a long life in excellent health,

And may YAHWEH have mercy on us ALL,

Minister Nathaniel Jordan – The Minister of Wellness

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