Moderation Diets Are EVIL

Moderation Diets Are EVIL And Will Keep You On The DEATH TRAIN

You cannot moderate the Standard American Diet – it’s too evil. If you have a moderation diet, you’re still slowly committing suicide with food. Here is how you can know for sure your moderation diet is not working:

1. You’re a man with more than 1/2 inch of belly fat
2.You’re a woman with more than 3/4 inch of belly fat
3. You must take Tylenol or aspirin for headaches whether frequently or infrequently
4. You swish chemicalized mouthwash in your mouth to keep you breathe from stinking
5. You have allergies
6. You take cold/cough medications
7. You use skin-drugs to mask acne and other skin problems
8. You feel hunger in your head and stomach
9. You feel ill if you go more than 6 hours without eating
10. You get irritated, shaky, and light-headed if you go more than 6 hours without eating
11. You’re still taking medications

If you suffer from ANY ONE of the above, it is an indication of an internally diseased body from eating drug-foods. When 95% + of your caloric intake comes from the foods, Yahweh directly created, you don’t EVER have to take drugs for ANYTHING. Why? Yahweh’s foods – unrefined produce- IS medicine!

This 50/50, moderation nonsense is a trick of Satan. It’s a lie of the subconscious mind (the flesh) to maintain the high it gets from drug-foods. The flesh will do anything to keep you hooked on a dangerous diet and lifestyle – even if it costs you your health and life. 5% of the diet may come from low-nutrient food such as animal products or even the RARE high salt, sugar, or oily foods. But 0% of what you consume should be drug-foods. So, the animal MUST be 100% wildly raised. The salt, sugar, or oil MUST be 100% natural real salt, sugar, or oil. And before you even consume the rare low-nutrient food, you should be THIN, exercising vigorously, and taking NO drugs…NONE – even headache pills and cold/cough medications.

Brothers and sisters, friends, let’s beg Yahweh for the strength to come from under the bondage of drug-foods (pharmakeia) which is controlling the entire world with mind-altering and physically sickening foods, creating a violent, mentally ill and sickly culture.

Then Elohim said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you;” – Gen. 1:29

It’s time to return to how it was in the beginning; it’s time to go back to the ancient ways, the Guidelines and Instructions of Yahweh.

I hope you live a long life in EXCELLENT health,

And may YAHWEH have mercy on us ALL,

Minister Nathaniel Jordan – The Minister of Wellness

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