Cancer Prevention and Reversal E-Book

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The Minister of Wellness’ Cancer Prevention and Reversal Manual is a healthy, effective and delicious plan to prevent and possibly REVERSE Cancer.

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Product Description

Ministry of Wellness, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) federally recognized nonprofit organization (incorporated under Missouri State statutes) established February 2nd, 2017. ALL donations are tax-deductible. 

“…whoever sows generously will also reap generously.” – II Corinthians 9:6

If you’re able to donate more than $10 towards this ministry, please do so. This ministry is severely lacking in the funds needed to promote this information to others in desperate need. I have set it up to where any and all financial classes of people can have the vital information contained in this book. I trust that Yahweh will touch your heart to give one of the higher amounts ($15, $20, or $25) if you are able to. Thank you in advance, for helping me spread the TRUTH about health. May Yahweh richly bless you, for your generosity.


The Minister of Wellness’ Prevent and Reverse Cancer book includes:

  • Direct, unbiased truth as to the CAUSE of Cancer – It’s time to unlearn the LIES of your Oncologist
  • The hidden science showing the power of NATURAL anti-cancer medicines in FOOD
  • 10+ recipes specifically chosen to combat cancer
  • The Minister of Wellness DIRECT contact information for help and support
  • Overview of EXACTLY what you should eat EVERY DAY to prevent and possibly REVERSE Cancer
  • Straight to the point information to EDUCATE and MOTIVATE you. You’ll learn more about what cancer is, and how to prevent and reverse it, than the for-profit cancer industry wants you to know
  • Overview of how each component of the Standard American Diet CAUSES cancer


Black Americans die from cancer MUCH fast than White Americans. Blacks contract more aggressive forms of cancer than Whites. Why? Health Care racism, that’s why. Cancer is the most terrifying disease in the world. Every 20 seconds someone is diagnosed with cancer. Every 60 seconds someone DIES from cancer. World-wide, over 22,000 people die every single day from cancer. Billions and billions of dollars is spent every year looking for a magically cure, yet the World Health Organization predicts HALF of ALL humans WILL GET DIAGNOSED WITH CANCER AT SOME POINT IN THEIR LIVES. It’s time to end this madness of looking to the for-profit Cancer Industry to bankrupt THEMSELVES by giving you a magic “cure” to cancer.

Did you know there are still parts in the world (rural china) where the people do NOT develop cancer?

Did you know scientific studies have shown women WITH breast cancer could reduce their risk of death by 64%, from eating merely ONE mushroom per day?

Did you know Harvard Medical school stated we should eat a diet HIGH in fruits and vegetables to prevent cancer?

Did you know chemotherapy and radiation CAUSES more aggressive types of cancer to emerge?

Did you know the Cancer Industry is secretly trying to extract the anti-cancer medicines from plant foods so they can sell them as pills, instead of just informing cancer patients to eat the foods from which they’re trying to extract the medicine?

It’s HIGH TIME, to end the needless FEAR, suffering, and DEATH of MILLIONS of Black Americans from a disease which is nearly 100% preventable via nutritional and lifestyle excellence. Nutritional Science has advanced exponentially to the point where I can say with all confidence, we CAN WIN THE WAR ON CANCER.

In “THE CAUSE, THE PREVENTION, AND THE CURE TO CANCER”, The Minister of Wellness will teach you more about cancer than your oncologist. And after empowering you with knowledge, you will be provided with an EXACT meal plan + a boat load of ANTI-CANCER recipes to follow. Each recipe listed is DESIGNED to REVERSE CANCER. And to top it all off, you will have ALL the contact information for the Minister of Wellness if you have ANY questions, comments, or concerns.