The Fundamentals of Eating to Live DVD

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Are you tired of being overweight and sick? Are you tired of yo-yo dieting year after year with no long-term success? If you’re truly sick and tired of being sick and tired, this is the message for you! In this information packed 2-hour sermon, The Minister of Wellness – Nathaniel Jordan, will teach you the TRUTH about how to properly eat for PERMENANT weight loss and longevity.

After viewing this DVD, you will have a thorough understanding of the four critical principles of nutrition being neglected in our nation:

1.       Our health depends on the number of nutrients we consume per calorie

2.       We must supplement wisely to insure Comprehensive Nutrient Adequacy

3.       We must avoid eating foods which skyrockets Insulin and Insulin Growth Like Factor-1

4.       We must avoid toxic exposure as much as possible

Get your pen and paper together, and get ready to be inspired to make the commitment to your health and to conquer your struggles with weight forever!

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