Nathaniel Jordan

The Minister of Wellness

BIBLICAL Principles That ERADICATE Disease

“Beloved I pray above ALL THINGS that you PROSPER and be in GOOD HEALTH” – 3rd John 2

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What to expect from The Minister of Wellness

Nutritional Education

I will help you break free from food addiction and dangerous eating habits, and teach you the proper way to eat for health and longevity.

Individual Support

You will have 100% of my passion and expertise throughout your entire health journey.

First-Hand Experience

As a former obese food addict, I can SYMPATHIZE with your current health situation.

I am excited to serve you in the area of CONTINUOUS health – which is the definition of WELLNESS. I have a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge I want to share with YOU, which I have gained after successfully maintaining a weight loss of 100 pounds for over 7 years! Let me help you achieve the same, if not BETTER RESULTS!

40 Day Health & Wellness Coaching Program

The Minister Of Wellness Nathaniel & Dr. Chef Felicia Ann is available to give you the UNLIMITED PERSONALISED guidance you need in your health journey. Book your 40 days coaching program TODAY and get ALL recommended books, DVDs, and supplements for FREE! 

Important Health Sermons For ALL Believers In JESUS CHRIST

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Is A HOAX!
Breast Cancer Awareness Month Is A HOAX!
BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES To Overcoming Food Addiction

The Minister Of Wellness Nathaniel Jordan delivers an encouraging yet convicting, powerful word from the...

BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES To Overcoming Food Addiction

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