Get OFF The DEATH Train – Part IV: Nutritional Help For High Blood Pressure

Get OFF The DEATH Train - Part IV: High Blood Pressure Is REVERSIBLE

A few days ago, my beautiful wife April woke up with an average blood pressure reading for the first time in over two years. This is no small matter because HALF of all Black Americans in the United States have high blood pressure. And outside of Black Americans, blood pressure medications are the #1 most prescribed medication in the United States. As I will continue to state, ALL Americans are fat and sick and riding the death train, regardless of race. But we have, to be honest in stating that Black people are the most overweight and sickliest ethnic group in America. And as a Black Man, this bothers me, which is why I started Ministry of Wellness, Inc.

The Health Care Industry is a racist, evil organization. White health practitioners have been experimenting on our people since slavery days. Everyone is familiar with the Tuskegee experiments where Black men were allowed to have syphilis so white doctors could document the progression of the disease. But there are many more cruel acts which occurred and continue to occur. Dr. William D. Thompson of the Centers for Disease Control came out and stated that he and his team of scientists buried evidence showing vaccines cause autism. And the reason they so quickly seared their conscience to commit such an abomination is that Black Boys are developing autism at a 400% higher rate than children of other ethnicities. Even now, William D. Thompson is too much of a coward to come all the way forth with the information he has. Why? Because America never has, and never will care about Black people.

But if you read the book of Deuteronomy, all of this was prophesied to happen to our people if we disobeyed and rebelled against the commandments of Yahweh. This is why I firmly believe Black Americans are the Israelites of the Bible. But that’s a whole other subject for a different time. In Aniston, AL, a Black Community, Monsanto from the ’40s to ’70s, knowingly dumped millions of pounds of the now-banned industrial chemical polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) into the town’s landfill and creek. PCBs have been shown to cause cancer in animals and humans, including non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, a frequently fatal form of cancer. This entire community was ravaged with cancer and other diseases from extreme toxicity. Mon Satan finally paid 700 million dollars to the community, but how can money take away years of suffering and death from intentional poisoning?

And then we have the poisoning of the water in Flint, Michigan by the EPA. Then we have the Cancer Industry concealing the importance of Vitamin D in cancer prevention and reversal to Black people because the melanin in our skin blocks Vitamin D from the sun more efficiently than it does for white people. This is why our population die from cancer much faster than White people. The Cancer Industry knows this and knows why, but they don’t care because they want us to die sooner than THEIR people. But before they kill us, they want to profit from our stupidity by pushing mammograms and PSA screenings so they can find that lump and terrify us into chemotherapy and radiation which CAUSES cancer. Chemo and radiation are barbaric, outdated treatments which evolved from biological WARFARE. Despite all the lying statistics from the government controlled media, BOTH of which are controlled by the pharmaceutical industry as the Bible prophesied would happen, the cancer rates are getting WORSE. Half of ALL AMERICANS are expected to be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes. Cancer will soon be the #1 cause of death in America by 2050. And remember, it is already the #1 cause of death in children outside of accidents. Conventional medicine is a FRAUD.

They are liars, thieves, and MURDERS. This is what the Medical Symbol represents! The Greek god (or demon as the Bible calls them) Hermes, who used the power of the Caduceus to protect those who gained their fortunes from lying, stealing, and killing. And what do we have today? The 100% fulfillment of the spirit of this demon controlling the whole world, exactly as Revelations 18:23 states. They LIE and say diseases such as high blood pressure are genetic and have no known cause. They LIE and say conditions such as high blood pressure cannot be reversed and can only be medicated. And by LYING, they STEAL your money by putting you on useless yet expensive medications. And then they MURDER you because over time, the drug further destroys your body, and because they won’t tell you the REAL cause and the actual cure for your disease, you DIE after they robbed you of all your money because you believed in the LIES they were telling you. That’s the DEATH TRAIN, 99.9% of Americans are riding on.

Because of 400 years of conditioning, Black people have a god-like worship of White people, consciously or sub-consciously. After all, God and Jesus are White men, right? All the Bible characters and famous historical characters, and everything of value ever achieved in history was by White People and for White People. This explains why Black people have absolute trust and faith in the Medical Industry of a racist nation that has lynched, shackled, and raped our people for over 400 years. Why are we eating their food, and then depending on them for their medications when their food sickens us? Of all individuals on the planet, a Black person has NO BUSINESS listening to anything which comes from a system dominated by White People. Anything that comes from them should be scrutinized down to the tiniest detail, especially when it comes to our health. But we’re so beat down as a people, many of us have thrown in the towel.

Soul food is SLAVE food. It was given to us by the White man to destroy us. We took the scraps he fed us and transformed it into a cultural phenomenon for our destruction. Even now, we have far less access to healthy foods and physical exercise than they do. The white-owned Drug Industry is destroying their people, but any natural healing education which does seep out to the masses, they would far rather it reach their people than ours. This fact burns a fire in my soul my brothers and sisters.

If you type high blood pressure onto Google, you will immediately be bombarded with false information from the Sorcery Industry. Remember, the Pharmaceutical Industry controls the Medical Industry, and the Bible calls pharmacy SORCERY. The Medical Industries and all their hospitals and doctors are a part of a Satanic cult of sorcery whether they know it or not. The top guys in the industry know the “god” they serve, but I do know many beneath them don’t understand what they’re participating in. Just like I was a part of the Criminal Justice System as a Police Officer, which is racist, but I still won’t go so far as to state ALL police officers are racist. The Medical Industry is symbolized by a DEMON who protected liars, thieves, and MURDERS. ALWAYS keep that in mind.

Only the top industry supported websites will show up (AHA,, Mayo Clinic…etc.). They will appear at the top of your search results whenever you search for any Disease. You will NEVER see medical doctors who practice REAL medicine appear at the top of Google when researching a disease. NEVER. When you click on any one of these sites concerning high blood pressure and start reading, the games begin. They are all funneling the same misleading propaganda from the Devil.

Now at first, they at least give a simple explanation of what high blood pressure is, which is more than what their doctors give most people. It never ceases to amaze me how so many people taking dangerous blood pressure medications have no clue as to what blood pressure is. Let me make it simple for you. The top number is Systole; this is when your heart contracts or is pumping out the blood to the rest of your body for nourishment. Just in case you don’t know, every single part of our bodies require proper blood flow for functioning. The bottom number is diastole, this is when your heart is relaxing in between beats, and the blood is returning so the lungs can clean it out. So top number blood OUT, the bottom number, blood IN. It’s just as simple as that. And so HIGH blood pressure, affecting HALF of all Black People, is simply when your Heart is having a difficult time pushing the blood out and receiving the blood back in. Your blood is delivered to your body via arteries, veins, and vessels. When your blood pressure is HIGH, something in your arteries, the delivery system of your blood, is making it difficult for your blood to transport efficiently. And so your Heart has to overwork to get the blood out and back in. So your blood pressure rises, and fortunately, this is easily monitored.

Now, the 1,000,000 question is: What CAUSES High blood pressure? We know what it is so what causes it? Now, the Sickness Industry says: “High blood pressure develops over many years, and it affects nearly everyone eventually.” Ok, but WHY? And does it HAVE to happen? They make it sound like it’s just a natural consequence of aging. But it’s not. High Blood Pressure has a CAUSE, and if you take away that CAUSE, it will go away. My wife went from 172/100 to 117/75 by changing her diet. I also reversed my High Blood Pressure. So apparently, we’re not DOOMED by genetics to develop high blood pressure.

Before they list their causes of high blood pressure, they push for you to go to your puppet doctor for a blood pressure reading. Why not just tell you what causes it, and then how to reverse it as Dr. Fuhrman does on his website? If you look up high blood pressure on Dr. Fuhrman’s page, it’s a very simple straightforward explanation of what it IS, and how to get RID of it…QUICKLY. But Dr. Fuhrman is a REAL medical doctor teaching about the true source of healing – the medicine foods of Yahweh. Mainstream medicine is just another arm of Big Pharma. Their job is to confuse you, so you can put ALL your trust in your doctor, who is riding the Death Train himself.

Control this, and oversight that is the key word for the Medical Industry. Yahweh, forbid you REVERSE your self-inflicted disease! Oh no, that would take money out of their pockets. Yahweh, forbid Black People to stop eating addictive slave food and that 50% Heart Disease rate drops to 0%. Billions and billions of dollars are depending on KEEPING people SICK. Billions of dollars being made from people purchasing blood pressure monitors. Even my wife just recently bought a $50 blood pressure monitor. Why? It is a waste of money. Why not just eat and life according to the Word of Yahweh, and NEVER worry about whether your blood pressure is high? That’s the power of food addiction. The food addicted brain wants to maintain its way of living so as along as the reading is OK, it gives one a sense of calm to eat blood damaging foods. Without the monitor, FEAR would drive you to eat and exercise ALL the time only. But because food addiction is still in control, it wants to just “control” your blood pressure.

But II Timothy 1:7 states Yahweh has not given us a spirit of FEAR, but of POWER. We should not be living in FEAR of disease. We need to obey His commandments about diet and lifestyle, so He can HEAL our bodies and give us POWER over Satan’s Medical Industry. HalleluYah!

Finally, after pages of propaganda about high blood pressure and encouraging you to put your trust in your doctor to help you learn how to control your disease, they state this concerning the CAUSE of high blood pressure:

“FOR MOST ADULTS, THERE’S NO IDENTIFIABLE CAUSE OF HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. This type of high blood pressure, called primary (essential) hypertension, tends to develop gradually over many years.”

Oh yeah! I’m not making this stuff up! Turn off the entertainment programming your mind for destruction and welcome to the REAL world! This is pure evil at work! Lying reprobates! Murderers! ALL LIFE FUNCTIONS VIA CAUSE AND EFFECT. THAT’S THE #1 LAW OF THE UNIVERSE! The only entity without a cause is the Causer of ALL – Yahweh our Creator and Father. So, for MOST of the 15 MILLION Black People with high blood pressure, there is no identifiable cause.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman states:

“The most common category of high blood pressure, however, is called “essential hypertension,” which means that it is related to a high sodium/salt diet, being overweight, being sedentary, and having unhealthy arteries.”

Why the extreme difference? Because the Industry does not control Doctor Fuhrman; He is not in bed with Big Pharma. Matter of fact, they HATE him as they do all natural healers. THOUSANDS of Americans have reversed their full-blown Heart Disease following a Nutritarian Diet. Heck, THOUSANDS of Americans have changed their full-blown Heart Disease only following a low-fat vegan diet, such as recommended by the world-renowned Dr. Dean Ornish who helped President Bill Clinton reverse his Heart Disease. I mean what these doctors and many others like them have done is undeniable. The Sorcery Industry continues to do their best to bury the truth. And when the TRUTH does get out, Black people are the last to receive this information – which is why Ministry of Wellness, Inc. exists. The elite white men who run America and the world want to keep our people sicker and dying off faster than their people. If you don’t believe that’s true, you are an idiot on the highest scale of idiocracy. America has, and will ALWAYS be a bad, racist nation hell bent on the destruction of the Black Race and the supremacy of White Men. The media, Big Pharma, Banks, Food Industry, Monsanto, all the top companies – the real source of power in America – have been and will always be controlled by racist White MEN.

Secondary hypertension

Some people have high blood pressure caused by an underlying condition. This type of high blood pressure, called secondary hypertension, tends to appear suddenly and cause higher blood pressure than does primary hypertension. Various conditions and medications can lead to secondary hypertension, including:

  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Kidney problems
  • Adrenal gland tumors
  • Thyroid problems
  • Certain defects in blood vessels you’re born with (congenital)
  • Certain medications, such as birth control pills, cold remedies, decongestants, over-the-counter pain relievers and some prescription drugs
  • Illegal drugs, such as cocaine and amphetamines
Alcohol abuse or chronic alcohol use

More propaganda. More lies. NOTHING about diet. Not a single word about how a poor diet and lifestyle builds atherosclerosis in the blood vessels which thickens the blood and damages the vessels causing the heart to have a heart time pumping OUT (systolic the top number), and receiving blood (diastole the bottom number). Atherosclerosis is a buildup of excess cholesterol, fats, and oils. From where? Do excess cholesterol, fats, and oils just magically get in your arteries causing high blood pressure as these demonic fake doctors are suggesting? NO! It’s coming from your junk food DIET. YOU are the identifiable cause of your high blood pressure! Your addiction to the mind-altering tastes, and smells of the Devil foods. Designed to destroy our people, to keep us fat, sick, and dying off at much younger ages than other races.

Here’s the TRUTH about High blood pressure:

“Atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, typically advances with aging, and high blood pressure may be the only sign that this is developing. This means that most persons who have high blood pressure will see dramatic improvements in their health if they diligently modify their lifestyle, particularly their diet, to improve and EVEN RESOLVE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE as well as reduce the burden of atherosclerosis to lower their risk of a heart attack, premature disability, and death without resorting to medications.”

Yes, high blood pressure can be RESOLVED! It only takes reading one page on Dr. Fuhrman’s website to find out high blood pressure can be fixed. And then you can see the success of HUNDREDS of his patients verifying the miraculous healing power of nutritional and lifestyle medicine. And I’m one of those success stories, along with my wife and mother. And my prayer is Yahweh will use me to get more of my people off the Death Train. You will NEVER read on a regular medical website that high blood pressure can be RESOLVED. Any information they give you will be wrapped in the message of “control.” And people swallow this hogwash without question! Millions of Black Americans, like dumb sheep, funneling in and out of these stupid hospitals with buckets of toxic medications, NEVER improving their condition. In and out of the doctor’s office, listening to every word from their racist white man indoctrinated doctor, who gets kickbacks from the pharmaceutical industry based on the number of drugs he prescribes. But our people, who are the Israelites of the Bible according to Deuteronomy chapter 28, have ALWAYS been more receptive to LIES than the TRUTH.

Isaiah 30:10 – “Which say to the seers, see not; and to the prophets, Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits:”

2 Timothy 4:3 – “For the time will come when men do not tolerate sound doctrine, but with itching ears, they will gather around themselves teachers to suit their desires.”

Romans 16:18 – “For such as these are not serving our Master HaMaschiac, but their appetites. By smooth talk and flattery, they deceive the hearts of the naive.

Ah yes, as always Yahweh’s Word is so TRUE! The bondage of food addiction is so high; people don’t want to hear what Yahweh’s Minister of Wellness must say. They want to be lied to, to be deceived, to live in a state of ignorance about the destructive path they’re on. When the light amid their imprisoned brain briefly shines through, they love me. But when the addiction takes back over, I’m an extremist, a conspiracy theorist; I’m too hard. 15 million Black People are riding the Death Train towards a stroke or Heart attack in their 40’s or 50’s. So, we’re either in prison or sick. Read and study every single verse in Deuteronomy 28 starting with verse 15, and compare it to the descript state of our people since we’ve been brought over here in ships as prophesied in Deuteronomy 28:68. You can’t tell me we’re not the Biblical Israelites suffering under the wrath of Yahweh for our disobedience to the commandments He gave us via the Black Prophet Moses. Two of the fastest growing industries within the medical industry are nursing homes for people in their 30’s suffering strokes and dialysis. The extinction of the Black Race is upon us, my brothers and sisters. And that’s why Yahweh has sent His prophets out to warn His people about our disobedience, and for some reason, He has called me to add diet to the equation – a place many of the other Israelite prophets are unwilling to go because of their food addiction and ignorance.

Because our people want to hear LIES rather than the TRUTH, millions of Black Americans are expediting their suffering and death by taking dangerous white man created synthetic drugs in an attempt to lower blood pressure without the medicine foods of Yahweh. But all this is doing is placing them further under His Wrath.


Calcium-channel blockers, have been linked to a higher rate of cancer in women – JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) – 4/1/98

In the great POISE trial (5/31/08 published in “Lancet”), conducted in 23 countries, all 8,351-people enrolled had atherosclerosis or were at risk of heart disease. They had been admitted for non-cardiac surgery and were randomized to take metoprolol (a common beta-blocker) or a placebo. After thirty days, more people died in the metoprolol group (3.1 percent vs. 2.3 percent), and the drug treated group had almost double the incidence of stroke.

All medications used to lower blood pressure can cause fatigue, lightheadedness, and loss of balance that can lead to falls and resultant hip fracture in the elderly. When the risk was investigated in people older than 70, it was found that antihypertensive medications were associated with a 30-40 percent increased risk of fall injuries, which was most severe in those with previous fall injuries. This significant effect on functional loss and mortality was as serious as the heart problems these medications were supposed to protect against.


Oh, it’s time to end the curse, my brothers, and sisters, it’s time to stop trusting in doctors trained by racist white men and start believing in Yahweh so we can receive the blessings of life filled with youthful vigor until we die!

I John 3:22 – “And whatsoever we ask, we receive of him, BECAUSE WE KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS, and do those things that are pleasing in his sight.”

If we want Yahweh to hear our prayers for healing, if we want Yahweh to hear out prayers to lose weight, if we want Yahweh to bless us with excellent health, if we want Yahweh to break us free from food addiction – WE must KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS! And how we feed the physical temples He gave us, is a significant part of His commandments! So, important, that what to EAT is mentioned in the very first chapter of the very first book of the Bible, and the very first commandment had to do with what NOT to eat! Yahweh cares about what we put in our mouths!

Action Plan:


Reducing your sodium intake alone may lower your blood pressure. I recommend those with high blood pressure reduce their daily intake of sodium to a maximum of 400 mg of added sodium daily (in addition to what is found naturally in whole, natural foods).

Eat a Nutritarian diet-style rich in a variety of micronutrient-dense vegetables, legumes, seeds, nuts, and fruits as this diet-style lowers inflammation, normalizes body weight, and reduces the burden of atherosclerosis besides merely reducing blood pressure. This is due to many factors related to the comprehensive array of micronutrients these foods provide, including potassium, antioxidants, and nitrates which increase artery-dilating nitric oxide in the blood vessels.

Include 1-2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed daily. Supplementing the diet with flax decreases systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

If you have a chronic disease or if you are taking any medication, please talk to your doctor before and after changing your diet and lifestyle as medication and dietary modifications may be necessary.



Daily activity and all forms of exercise, particularly aerobic interval exercising, pushes the blood pressure down forcefully. The more frequently one exercise, the more efficient it is.


An article published in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine in 2015, included over 400 participants with hypertension and demonstrated a 26-point average reduction of systolic blood pressure. You will hear NOTHING about this on the news! And these people who experienced this wasn’t even doing the diet style 100%! They were more like my wife, only going 70-80%, so imagine if they went all the way. Well, we don’t have to imagine because people like myself have gone all the way and my blood pressure went from 145/90 to 110/65 with a heart rate of 50 BPM.

And lastly, if you are overweight, a Nutritarian diet-style will help you reach your ideal weight, and losing weight will also lower blood pressure. As you make efforts to achieve the dietary and exercise goals, you will not only be lowering your blood pressure, but also be reducing your risk of heart disease, stroke, dementia, and cancer simultaneously.

“Trust in YAHWEH with ALL YOUR HEART, and lean not on your understanding (your way has, and will continue to keep you on the DEATH TRAIN!). In ALL your ways (Including FOOD), acknowledge Him (obeying His commandments is how we recognize Him), and He WILL direct your paths (Yahweh would NEVER direct you to be addicted to junk foods which would fatten and sicken you…No! That’s the DEVIL!). Do not be wise in your own eyes (your foolish PRIDE is leading you to DEATH), fear YAHWEH (not your doctor), and depart from EVIL (the Standard American Diet is EVIL, the American Medical Industry is EVIL, America is EVIL). This WILL bring HEALTH to your body, and STRENGTH to your bones.” – Proverbs 3:5

That’s the health message in Scriptures so hard to accomplish, but it can be achieved if we humble ourselves and cry out to Yahweh to deliver us anything contrary to His Word.

I hope you live a LONG life in EXCELLENT HEALTH,

Minister Nathaniel Jordan – The Minister of Wellness

And may YAHWEH, truly, have mercy on us ALL,

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