BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES To Overcoming Food Addiction

During this presentation, you will learn:

A 12 Headed Monster called FOOD ADDICTION must be thoroughly understood and MASTERED to overcome the Standard American Diet. 

After maintaining my weight loss of 100 pounds for over 6 years despite being a food addict and Health Coaching with nearly 200 clients, I have identified not 1, not 2, not 5. Still, TWELVE components of Food Addiction, making it nearly impossible for people to achieve their health & weight loss goals. 

For example, the 1st and most powerful component of Food Addiction is “The Pleasure Trap.” Junk Food Scientists and Chemists have insidiously designed modern processed foods to be more addicting to the human brain than CRACK COCAINE.

The extreme dopamine high people receive from processed foods leads to a DEATH TRAIN of 11 more components. Cravings, The Extinction Burst, Spontaneous Recovery, Social Normalcy, Pain Avoidance, Toxic Hunger, Bad Bacteria, Energy Conservation, The Cram Circuit, The Conditioned Cram, THE EGO TRAP. I will breakdown and provide solutions to ALL of these components. 

The EGO TRAP is the WORST component of all. Failing on and off worthless diets leading to obesity and ill health has put millions into a perpetual state of hopelessness. This leads to a self-defeating mentality in which people resign themselves to a lifetime of taking dangerous prescription medications due to the inevitable poor health that WILL come from a lifetime of junk food addiction. 

I WILL give you HOPE! By the time I’m finished, LIFE will be restored to the life-LESS HOPE to the hope-LESS, STRENGTH to the strength-LESS! You CAN BE HEALTHY! YOU WILL BE HEALTHY! YOU MUST BE HEALTHY!