Breast Cancer Awareness Month Is A HOAX!

During this presentation, you will learn:

Breast cancer is a human-made disease that NEVER existed throughout MOST of human history. This is a recent phenomenon, with clear cut causes and clear cut eradication.  

The Cancer Industry is profiting from women’s ignorance concerning the critical role diet plays in developing Breast Cancer. I will break you free from this ignorance once and for all. I will start by teaching you exactly what CANCER IS? 

Diet has been conclusively proven to be the #1 causative factor in the development of Breast Cancer. In parts of the world, such as rural China, women hardly EVER develop cancer because they eat whole natural plant foods. I will teach you specifically how the Standard American Diet (SAD) is the most potent Breast Cancer-causing agent in world history. 

The #2 cause of the Breast Cancer epidemic is the MEDICAL INDUSTRY, with all its toxic medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. I will show you the science proving common medications cause BREAST CANCER. 

Focusing on eating in a manner that prevents and reverse HEART DISEASE will automatically eliminate your risk for Breast Cancer. Winning the WAR against Heart Disease, the #1 killer of American Women, will simultaneously win the WAR against Breast Cancer.  

The extreme POWER of FOOD ADDICTION. Sadly, many women would rather DIE from Breast Cancer than give up eating the franken-foods, CAUSING their suffering and death. I’ll explain how the SAD has been designed to create a nation of illogical lab rats. 

A detailed overview of what supplements to TAKE and what ingredients in supplements to AVOID for Breast Cancer prevention and reversal. 

The EXACT meal plan to follow each day for maximal Breast Cancer prevention AND reversal – no matter what stage of Breast Cancer you are in. There is always HOPE!