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BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES That Eradicate Obesity & ALL Disease DVD (Physical Copy)


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This DVD will teach you:

Outside of abortion, the leading cause of death in America is obesity, heart disease, and high blood pressure. This DVD will teach you what these needless diseases are and how The Medicine Foods of The Most-High can easily prevent & reverse them. You will also learn the connection between high blood pressure and dementia, stroke, kidney failure, and liver failure.

The Cancer Industry is a wicked, for-profit industry based on fear tactics. You will learn what cancer is, its causes, and The Most-High’s solutions to WINNING THE WAR ON CANCER. Also, you will know how VIRUSES and AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE has the exact root cause and root solution as cancer.

Type II Diabetes is so easy to reverse it is a crime against humanity; this fat-induced disease has become such an epidemic. The Medicine Foods of The Most-High can cure your Type II Diabetes and significantly improve the life expectancy of Type I Diabetics.

The Satanic American Diet causes MENTAL ILLNESS, BRAIN DAMAGE, and VIOLENCE.

The EXACT daily meal plan for weight loss and disease prevention and reversal will be provided.

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