DVD: Reverse Heart Disease & High Blood Pressure

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In this DVD, The Minister of Wellness will teach you how to REVERSE Heart Disease & High Blood Pressure 100% Naturally!

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The Minister of Wellness’ Reverse Heart Disease & High Blood Pressure DVD includes:

 I will teach you what your Medical Doctor won’t! You’ll learn exactly what your blood pressure reading means. Then I will teach you The TRUTH about the cause of high blood pressure, and how to LOWER your Blood Pressure – 100% naturally. 

How each component of the Standard American Diet damages the heart, blood flow, and your blood vessels and arteries.

The Nutritional SCIENCE being intentionally hidden from the masses showing how each of the G-BOMBS, greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, and seeds prevents and REVERSES Heart Disease – EASILY in MOST cases! And I after I show you the science, I will give you the delicious meal plan to follow! 

The failures of Cardiology – blood pressure medications, cholesterol-lowering drugs, and heart surgeries do NOT help prevent future heart attacks or strokes and do NOT extend life. And worst of, heart medications cause CANCER! 

In this DVD, The Minister of Wellness will teach you more about Heart Disease & High Blood Pressure than the Medical Industry wants you to know. And after empowering you with knowledge, you will be provided with an EXACT meal plan DESIGNED to help REVERSE Heart Disease & High Blood Pressure.

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