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Examining The False God Of Western Medicine Part II – The TRUTH About The Coronavirus Vaxxxine DVD (Physical Copy)


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In this DVD you will learn:

In this highly censored health sermon, The Minister Of Wellness Nathaniel Jordan will thoroughly expose the Coronavirus Vaccine for being an ineffective, evil money-making racket as ALL VAXXXINES are.

The Satanic powers have successfully kept the entire WORLD on LOCKDOWN waiting for a Coronavirus vaccine. They rushed into the market at speed unprecedented in the HISTORY of vaccines. Millions of brainwashed sheeple will be subjected to injecting themselves with toxic chemicals in the name of protection from a disease that is only killing people with comorbidities; The Minister has helped THOUSANDS to reverse 100% NATURALLY.

The leading health authorities in American (led by Dr. Devil Anthony Fauci) want to MANDATE these demonic syringes. At the same time, they REFUSE to isolate those with compromised immune systems and teach them how to strengthen their immune systems using the medicine foods of God.

THE MEDICAL DICTATORSHIP IS HERE! In this DVD, The Minister Of Wellness dives deep into every single ingredient in the COVID-19 Vaccine and exposes the fraudulent “science” used to push this garbage onto the public.

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