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Exposing The Slave Theology Of The Black Church Part I – Jesus Did NOT Abolish The Dietary Laws DVD (Physical Copy)


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This DVD contains:
The Black Church is the laughingstock of health. Period. Black Christians are the fattest, sickest group of people in America. It is a known fact the more a Black Person attends church, the fatter and sicker they become. The theology taught to Black People in SLAVERY concerning nutrition has destroyed the mental and physical health of the Black Community. This lie from the devil that we can pray to “Jesus” to bless our junk food, so he will make it “nutritious to our bodies” is a HOAX!
In this DVD, The Minister Of Wellness, Nathaniel Jordan, the son of a preacher who ate himself into nine strokes and death at age 66, will start undoing the myths believers in Jesus Christ (YAHUSHUA HAMASCHIAC) were taught concerning health – ESPECIALLY NUTRITION. The Minister will dissect the passage of Scripture (Mark 7:19) in which it appears Yahushua is doing away with The Most-High’s Dietary Laws. This is one of the main passages of Scripture Shepards have used to justify themselves and their flock that we can eat whatever we want to eat.
How fat and sick does the Black Church have to become before we forsake this snake-oil / slave theology which one can see has not worked in the REAL WORLD. Does The Bible support such nonsense that NOTHING we eat MATTERS to The Most-High? Are New Covenant Believers in Yahushua still required to obey the “Dietary Laws?” Is it a SIN to eat pork, lobster, catfish, and other animal forbidden by The Most-High in the so-called “OLD” Testament? The Minister Of Wellness Nathaniel Jordan will answer these questions AND MORE in this DVD.

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