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$50 per adult – Early Bird Special (ENDS October 1st, 2022) General Admission to ThanksHEALING Service & FEAST.

$75 per adult – Regular cost for General Admission to ThanksHEALING Service & FEAST.

VIP $150 per adult – General Admission to ThanksHEALING Service & FEAST, VIP Seating, On-the-spot photo with The Minister & Dr. Chef in front of ThanksHEALING backdrop, I CAN BE HEALTHY T-Shirt, e-book, and a physical copy of Dr. Chef’s ThanksHEALING recipes.

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Shalom brothers and sisters,
The Minister Of Wellness Nathaniel and his wife, Dr. Chef Felicia Ann Jordan, is honored to invite you to participate in The Minister Of Wellness Ministries 1st annual ThanksHEALING Service and Feast! It will be held Saturday, November 19th, at Greater Pentecostal Church 6080 W Florissant Ave, St. Louis, MO 63136. The Healing Service starts at NOON, CST with a powerful Health Sermon from The Minister – Satan’s SICKNESS Care Industry vs. The Most-High’s HEALING System, and afterward, the FEAST begins!
The ThanksHealing menu for this year will be:
Dr. Chef Felicia Ann Jordan’s:
  • Savory Green Bean Dish
  • Delicious Mixed Fruit Salad
  • Delicious Fresh Green Salad
  • Mother’s Famous Potato Salad
  • Famous Healing Chili
  • Savory Mushroom Dressing
  • Famous Soul Food Dressing
  • Special Gravy
  • Gourmet Peach Cobbler
  • Gourmet Blueberry Pie
  • Gourmet Sweet Potato / Butternut Squash Pie
  • Gourmet Apple Pie
  • and a few MORE specialties from Dr. Chef! 
The purpose of ThanksHEALING is to provide The Black Community a healthy alternative to Thanksgiving or what we call ThanksKILLING, a day in which millions of our people celebrate the GENOCIDE committed against 500 MILLION Native Americans. And how ironic that the celebration of this genocide is carried out by engaging SELF-GENOCIDE via the gluttonous consumption of toxic meats, alcoholic beverages, processed sugary sweets, and other junk food. Is it a coincidence that ThanksKILLING is one of the DEADLIEST days of the entire year? THOUSANDS of Black People are rushed into the emergency rooms and even DIE from a spike in heart attacks, strokes, and Diabetic-comas from overeating on ThanksKILLING.
Therefore it is the responsibility, duty, and obligation of The Minister Of Wellness Ministries, as the ONLY 100% nutrient-dense plant-rich Bible Based Health Church for Black People in the WORLD, to provide a ThanksHEALING feast where our people can gather together and get full from the delicious, MEDICINE FOODS OF GOD, without fear of harm to soul, body, and mind.
Early bird tickets are on sale NOW and end October 1st, 2022, for only $50 per adult (children under 18 are FREE). After October 1st, tickets will be $75 per adult until Saturday, November 5th, when ALL SALES END.
We will also have a VIP option available for $150, which includes:
  • Dr. Chef Felicia Ann Jordan’s ThanksHEALING Recipes via hardcopy AND ebook!
  • VIP Seating!
  • Special on-the-spot signed photo in front of ThanksHEALING backdrop with The Minister & Dr. Chef!
This is a VERY EXCLUSIVE Feast due to the GREAT COST upon the ministry. Therefore only 50 SLOTS are available to attend so purchase your ticketes NOW!

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ThanksHEALING ticket prices

General Admission EARLY BIRD SPECIAL – $50 per adult (ENDS October 1st), VIP $150 – ThanksHEALING recipes cookbook, I CAN BE HEALTHY t-shirt, on-spot signed photo with The Minister & Dr. Chef, VIP seating, General Admission Regular Cost – $75 per adult

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    I have followed the Minister of Wellness for several years. He inspired me to change the way I eat. I have lost 100 pounds! I purchased my ticket today! I am looking forward to the ThanksHEALING Service & Feast! God bless!

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