The Minister Of Wellness & Dr. Chef Felicia’s 40 Day Coaching Program


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Price: $5000

  • Six 1 hour consultations (Phone or Virtual / Zoom / Etc.)
  • UNLIMITED direct email access in between sessions
  • all recommended products by The Minister & Dr. Chef will be provided for FREE
  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE if results are not achieved!

Payment is non-refundable, and the ENTIRE AMOUNT is due upfront – NO EXCEPTIONS. 



Greetings, brothers and sisters!

I, YOUR Minister Of Wellness, Nathaniel Jordan, and my wife, Dr. Chef Felicia Ann Jordan, are EXCITED to be your health coaches for the NEXT 40 DAYS! In our combined 20+ years of experience, we have coached THOUSANDS of clients, and we have also been blessed to have THOUSANDS of success stories from around the WORLD. You can check out just a FEW of our success stories here –

We will be coaching you TOGETHER, so you receive optimal health instruction from the MASCULINE and FEMININE perspectives. This has several advantages vs. one on one coaching (ESPECIALLY FOR COUPLES!). Male AND Female TOGETHER complete the whole persona of The Most-High.

40 days and 40 nights have great spiritual significance. Throughout Scripture, we see this number being used to accomplish great and mighty things for The Most-High. During this 40 day program, you WILL experience a health revolution. For nearly six entire weeks, you will have unlimited access to two HIGHLY TRAINED experts at teaching people how to WIN the war against obesity, disease, and food addiction. We have so much faith in the Medicine Foods of The Most-High and His Holy Way of Living to heal the body; our 40-day health coaching program comes with a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE if the reasonable goals we set together are not achieved upon completion of the program!

During our 40 days together, Dr. Chef and I will:

  • Give you SIX, 1-hour phone sessions and unlimited direct email access.
  • Go over any health problems you’re battling.
  • Give you straightforward solutions and an understanding from a combined masculine and feminine perspective you will NEVER get from the European Medical (DEATH CARE) Industry.
  • Guide you towards which videos you need to study.
  • You will receive the necessary books, DVD’s and supplements to help you on your journey FOR FREE!
  • We will instruct you on EXACTLY what to eat, what NOT to eat and provide you with starter recipes.
  • Any questions, comments, or concerns you have will be answered in a manner to ensure complete comprehension.

We look forward to giving you the DETAILED, PERSONALISED attention you need to get your life back!

  1. 5 out of 5

    Hello…l am living in Nigeria , I am a Nurse and also a traditional medical practitioner, I have a ministry of taking care of the sick and I am really interested on what you guys are doing . You are wonderful couple and I will like to partner with you, thanks for your inspiring teachings, I have been getting then on my Email, God bless you.

  2. 5 out of 5

    This ministry has truly blessed me. I have been watching the MOW since 2019. The ministry has taught me everything I have needed to learn about health and nutrition. Their coaching together will take you to the next level in your health and healing journey. And I am looking forward to meeting y” all in person one day. In the meantime, I am teaching and preaching the MOW’s videos to my family and friends. I am looking to impact my community in the Virgin Islands and in the states. Thank you for everything you’ll do. God bless.

  3. 5 out of 5

    For many years i knew what i’ve been taught was a lie. Not just how or what to eat but everything. For years i prayed to have access and information on what, how to eat and how to prepare these foods. About 3 months ago my prayers were answered. I am taking out time the next 3 weeks as i am vacationing to familiarize myself with the videos and the G-Bombs. Thank you Thank You Thank you Minister and Dr. Chef. I am forever and eternally grateful. I will sow into this Ministry monthly. I am so blessed and full i can’t put it into words. Lifesaving as well as life giving.

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