The Minister Of Wellness Nathaniel & Dr. Chef Felicia Ann Jordan Coaching Session


Price:  $1000 for 1 hour for a phone consultation or 60 minutes.



Greetings, brothers and sisters!

I, YOUR Minister of Wellness Nathaniel Jordan, and my wife, Dr. Chef Felicia Ann Jordan, are EXCITED to be YOUR health coaches! Together we have coached THOUSANDS of clients over 20+ years of combined experience! We have been blessed to have THOUSANDS of success stories from around the WORLD. You can check out just a FEW of our success stories here –

The best thing about hiring us TOGETHER to coach you is you will receive optimal health instruction from the MASCULINE and FEMININE perspective. This has several advantages vs. one on one coaching (ESPECIALLY FOR COUPLES!). Male AND Female TOGETHER complete the full persona of The Most-High.  We will give you all the tools you need, which we gained from VAST PERSONAL EXPERIENCE in winning the war against obesity and food addiction.  We are EXPERTS, each in our own right, in helping people overcome food addiction and changing their health habits. So as ONE, we are an unstoppable force for righteousness. 

In our 60 minutes together, we will go over any health problems you’re battling and give you straightforward solutions and an understanding from a combined, unique perspective you will NEVER get from the European Medical (DEATH CARE) Industry. We will guide you towards which of our videos you need to study. You will receive a 50% discount code so that you can purchase the necessary supplements to help you on your journey. And last but not least, we will instruct you on EXACTLY what to eat and what NOT to eat and provide you with starter recipes. Any questions, comments, or concerns you have will be answered in a manner to ensure full comprehension.

We look forward to giving you the BOOST you need to get your life back!

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