The Truth About Mammograms: Inaccurate, Out-Date, Barbaric Weapons Of FEAR (PHYSICAL COPY)

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This DVD contains:
Mammograms are inaccurate, outdated, barbaric weapons of fear used by the for-profit breast cancer industry to CASTRATE women.

Breast Cancer Awareness month is an evil hoax. The disease barely exists in many parts of the world where women live and eat naturally. The European Breast Cancer epidemic is manufactured. It’s a needless disease if one eats The Medicine Foods of God and lives His Holy Ways.

Instead of teaching women – especially BLACK WOMEN, the truth about how EASY it is to prevent Breast Cancer, Big Pharma uses these Breast Cancer charities as shills to push mammograms. And when the mammogram detects something wrong in the breast, regardless of whether it’s cancer or not, the power of fear is used to castrate women of their entire reproductive system brutally.

In this DVD, The Minister Of Wellness, Nathaniel Jordan, raises his voice like a trumpet to warn women of the CURSE they place themselves under when trusting in wicked, greedy women and men for healing instead of The Most-High. There are safer, more natural ways to “screen” for Breast Cancer. There are safer, more natural ways to TREAT Breast Cancer.

Before The Minister speaks, his wife, Dr. Chef Felicia Ann Jordan, delivers a powerful co-keynote lecture to Black Women about Breast Health, using her personal experience.

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