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During our Kick-Start Health & Wellness Consultation, we will go through several forms together, so I can thoroughly analyze your current lifestyle and nutritional habits.

I. Lifestyle & Health History Questionnaire: This form allows me to go over every single detail of what’s going on with YOUR body. Most Medical Doctors only spend 5-10 minutes which each patient, putting them on toxic medications without even explaining to them what is going wrong with their body and WHY. Not with me. ANY symptom, ANY illness you’re suffering from, I will teach you what it is, and how it relates to nutrition.

II. Food Intake Diary: – I need an HONEST assessment of every single bite and drink you consume on a regular basis. This allows you to understand the difference in the way you’re currently eating, versus the way you SHOULD be eating that I’ll teach you. We will then establish your health goals and a plan to meet those goals.

For the last part of our first session, I will educate you on the basics of Eating to LIVE via a PowerPoint presentation based off my foundational seminar: “The 12 Components Of Food Addiction Making Us FAT & Sick.”

Upon completion of our session, you will be FULLY informed and MOTIVATED to change! Hopefully, I’ll be able to see you again, for more extended health coaching  (just $150 per hour)- the more I can see you, the better you will be equipped to CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR GOOD! The Kick-Start Health & Wellness Coach consultation is 2 hours  I CAN TRAVEL to your location if needed. Please contact me for details. 

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$100 for 30 minutes, $150 for 60 minutes, $250 for 2 hours