Health & Nutrition Lecture

The Deadliest Weapon of Mass Destruction This World has EVER SEEN– The Standard American Diet (SAD)

“My people are DESTROYED because of a LACK of KNOWLEDGE” – Hosea 4:6
If you’re sick and tired of all the false information concerning health and nutrition, then my Health and Nutrition Lecture is for YOU. I will give you the TRUTH and MOTIVATION you need, to turn your life around FOR GOOD!

During this presentation you will learn:

The extreme dangers of the Standard American Diet. The way we’re eating is causing an pandemic of Heart Disease, Diabetes, Stroke, Cancer, Obesity, and Mental Illness. Worst of all, these diseases are now affecting our CHILDREN. 

How eating the SAD has so efficiently created a nation of epidemic obesity.

The different components of the SAD, and how each one perpetuates diseases and obesity. 

How to eat a nutrient-dense, plant-RICH diet – aka The Nutritarian Diet. You will learn why this is THE optimal way of eating for our times. 

How eating a Nutritarian diet-style can insure you attain and MAINTAIN a lean healthy weight, and it’s potential to prevent and reverse disease.

How the Standard American Diet has been INTENTIONALLY designed to create psychological and physiological food addiction. And what you can do to BREAK FREE from food addiction once and for all!

About the mind-altering drugs which have been put into processed foods to insure LIFETIME addiction.

Why it seems some people would rather DIE than stop eating their favorite junk food.

Why success in other areas of life does not transfer over into overcoming food addiction.

How to distinguish between TRUE hunger vs. TOXIC hunger

***OPTIONAL TOPIC*** What the Bible REALLY teaches about Health and Nutrition

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“The Greatest Weapon of Mass Destruction this World Has Ever Seen” was an EXCELLENT seminar! I learned a great deal about the dangers of our everyday American diet and food addiction. The Minister of Wellness Nathaniel Jordan provided a host of valuable tips and resources as well as real-life examples of weight loss success stories concerning his life experience and that of his mother, friend, and others who have remained faithful to his personal training and nutritional coaching. I purchased one of Mr. Jordan’s recipe books for additional information. Attending this health and wellness seminar was time well spent!

–Carletta D. Washington, Ed.D. – Attended lecture held 3/9/2017 at Harris Stowe State University 

The Lecture will be 90-120 minutes OR LONGER, followed by 60-90 minutes of Q&A.


I am available for long-distance speaking engagements. Please contact me to discuss this option.