“In August of 2016, my food addiction and sedentary lifestyle ballooned me to an all-time high of 215 lbs. Even more disturbing, was that at the youthful age of 31, my blood pressure was a constant 170/95. The fear of a heart attack or stroke which runs in my family propelled me to finally listen to my husband’s nutritional wisdom. I cut out salt and all processed foods and started working out on a regular basis. I refused to take high blood pressure medications which Nathaniel warned me causes cancer. I am still a work in process, but so far, I have lost 60 lbs. and more importantly, my blood pressure reading is a normal 120/80 – achieved 100% naturally. I thank God for my husband’s vast health knowledge and support, and I am determined to get rid of my food addiction 100%, once and for all.”

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