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The END Of Diabetes: How Eating A Nutrient-Dense, Plant-RICH Diet Can REVERSE Type II Diabetes In Just 30 Days Or LESS

March 27, 2018 @ 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

During this presentation you will learn:

The dire future of being a diabetic.  How diabetics have a 80% chance of death by heart attack or stroke – and WHY. Diabetes is a gateway disease to MANY serious ailments including DEMENTIA and ALZHEIMER’S. I will go over each of these gateway diseases and teach you WHY diabetes leads to those conditions. 

Why by 2050, health authorities are predicting 1/3rd of ALL Americans will be DIAGNOSED as being diabetic, and how the medical industry has an invested interest in ensuring this outcome is FULFILLED . However, you will learn that actually MOST Americans (especially Black) are UN-diagnosed diabetics or PRE-diabetics. 

Health Care Racism: Why Black Americans have an 80% higher chance of becoming diabetic than Whites. Is this by accident. You will also learn how the prevalence of diabetes in the Black Community is linked to the high rates of crime and violence. 

What IS Type II Diabetes? What exactly CAUSES Type II Diabetes? You will learn the simple truth the 500 billion dollar a YEAR  for profit and racist American Diabetic Association does NOT want you to know! 

A breakdown of how the Standard American Diet (SAD), is specifically designed to create Type I and Type II Diabetes. 

How the SAD has been intentionally designed to be so addicting, people with diabetes still can’t stop eating the foods causing their sickness and impeding DEATH 

The EXTREME DANGERS of taking synthetic insulin and other medications for diabetes 

How greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, and seeds (G-BOMBS), provides a 105% reduction and REVERSAL from Type II Diabetes – even though the American Diabetic Association says there is NO CURE for this ailment. I’ll show you several success stories of complete REVERSAL of Type II diabetes. 

The EXACT daily meal plan you need to follow to reverse Type II Diabetes in just 30 days…or LESS 


The Minister of Wellness Nathaniel Jordan
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EyeSeeMe African American Children’s Bookstore
6951 Olive Blvd
University City, MO 63130 United States
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