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100 IN 100: The Minister Of Wellness Lose 100 Pounds In 100 Days Bible-Based Nutrition & Lifestyle Program

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Paperback, 180 Pages





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In 100 IN 100: The Minister Of Wellness Lose 100 Pounds In 100 Days Bible-Based Nutrition & Lifestyle Book You Will Learn:

In 2015, my client, Tony, went on an incredible streak of weight loss. He committed himself 100% to the lifestyle and nutritional methods I teach, and as a result lost 100 pounds in just 16 weeks. I decided I needed to write a book detailing his success so that people could use what he did as a guide for themselves. If you follow EXACTLY what is outlined in this book, you will witness the miraculous healing power of the lifestyle and medicine foods of our Creator.

Arguably the MOST IMPORTANT part of this book is the 12 Components of Food Addiction. A complete understanding and mastery of Food Addiction is essential in your health journey. These components were formulated through the result of health coaching over 200 clients, and 7 years of constantly battling my own food addiction.

Let this book be a guide for you in your health journey. EVERYTHING in this book is what I taught Tony for HUNDREDS OF HOURS. It is the full lifestyle and nutrition plan I gave him. And when he committed to it 100% for 16 weeks, he lost nearly 1 pound every day during this time. RECIPES ARE INCLUDED! 

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$40, $45, $50, $55

  1. (verified owner)
    5 out of 5

    This book… changed my life & perception of my food addiction. I’m convicted & challenged to do better because now I know better. After reading the book in its entirety along with watching the 12part series on YT I no longer want to dishonor my body & yet alone God with the food I previously chose to eat with the “SAD” diet. If you’re serious about a lifestyle change and delivering yourself from food addiction like myself get this ASAP. I use to consider myself a food connoisseur, I eat for the art of it, & until recently I realized l use to eat out of boredom, sad, happy, contentment, hopelessness, mad, afraid & it showed on my body… which tells everybody else I lack self- control & discipline without me saying a word. My my my.. those days are OVER! I’m early in my journey with breaking the curse & this book put me over the edge. Never again will I dishonor myself & God Almighty. Thank you Minister Jordan for much for writing this- you saved my life. I’m 28 years old, nearly 400 pounds (and currently losing weight & much more), lover of Christ food, & if I can change my habits & perspective A N Y B O D Y can change. Please get this book, you wont regret it I promise.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Hello! My name is Apollonia and I’m 36 year old divorced mom of 6 children ages 20,16,14,13,12 & 5 I have battled my weight my entire adult life. I grew up with 15 siblings in the hood. Fast foods, noodles, sugar, junk foods, fried foods ect has been my diet pretty much all my life! I ignorantly even brought the diet over to my precious children. I tried multiple different diets to lose weight but I would always lose a little and then gain it right back plus more. I would always give up on the diets with the “oh well I don’t care if people don’t like the way I look, they don’t have to look” attitude because of my food addiction I didn’t even know I had.
    Furthermore my ex husband was infatuated with my size so I never had a real big reason to want to lose it. But in reality I was always self conscious about it.
    Well fast forward to July 10 of 2020, I went to the funeral of a very close and dear young uncle of mine who was like my brother and it made me search what life is all about, “here today, gone tomorrow”. That’s when I found The Most High and His Son YAHUSHA!! So I fell into prayer, studying and searching out TRUTH! All praises To The Most High I found The Minister Of Wellness!
    Initially me and my children were like “geesh! This guy is saying we can’t eat nothing!” We laughed at the ” Mc doo doo comments ( we still do, lol), we would watch a few videos here and there and finally it all hit me!! I realized how evil this world is, and anything the ungodly endorses is not for The Most Highs people! So I started listening more intently to The Minister of Wellness, that was in December, I binged watched him.

    I was 268 lbs when I started listening more intently which made me start watching what I ate. Me and my kids started eating more vegetables which honestly we didn’t before. Doing that I lost 12 lbs in December. But it wasn’t until I bought the “LOSE 100 POUNDS IN 100 DAYS” book that I made the conscious decision to become a nutritarian! I am so happy that I watched a lot of the videos before I even got the book because I was becoming more and more disgusted with dairy, meats, salts and sugars by watching them that I was almost on the verge of giving it all up anyways but then when I got this book it changed my life forever! I will not go back to the disgusting meat industry and thankfully my children watch all the videos with me and they are on the same page as I am! I love that I have a team and a support system in my home. We used to spend around $900+ a month on junk but now our refrigerator is jam packed with fresh fruits, veggies, seed, nuts. My freezer is packed with frozen fruits and vegatables, My pantry with bags and bags of beans. My 20 year old son comes over and is disappointed every time! He’s looking for the deep fried chicken, cheesy macaroni, yams, pizza and the likes but I’ll pass him a salad! Hahaha!
    I’m trying to get him to understand but it’s hard because he’s grown and I can’t make him. He’s so shocked that we’ve changed. And it’s all praises to THE MOST HIGH!! In january so far I’ve lost 13lbs but I’m expecting to lose more now that I’m following (to The T) Tony’s diet plan!!!! It’s so amazing!!! I know this was ordained by Our Heavenly Father because before I started to pay more attention to my health HE helped me with self control and long suffering! Then HE gave me The Minister Of Wellness. Simply bc it does take will power and discipline. Also once you know that eating unhealthy does more than just make you fat but fat and sick you have the desire to change! And all praises to THE MOST HIGH for Mr. Nathaniel Jordan for providing all those videos! I’m not that financially able to do a lot so his free videos were nothing but a pure BLESSING!!! I’ve purchased 2 books so far and as soon as I’m finished with this review I’m about to get herbal blessing in a bottle from him lol. My mother is type 2 diabetic, 3 of my siblings are on high blood pressure medicine, most of my family are over weight (including myself) and before I get any chronic diseases I decided to take charge of my health!!! It’s a command and desire now! I have one over weight child, she’s 12 years old and doesn’t like it. So I’m doing this for her, myself and the rest of my children! I thought being overweight and sick was just doomed to certain ppl because of family but Thanks to the minister for knowledge! I can’t wait to submit my before and after pictures of myself and my children. We actually have a video surprise for Him and his viewers. So stay tuned!!! We love you Our MINISTER OF WELLNESS!!

  3. 4 out of 5

    The Anointing is SO STRONG over Brother Nathaniel’s life! This book just JUMPED out at me. I were COMPLETELY convicted and WILL MAKE better choices after this. I Just Received the book today (December 23rd, 2022) and am ALREADY on Chapter 10! If this book doesn’t move you, YOU MAY WANT TO CHECK YOUR PULSE.

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