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Exposing Slave Theology III DVD: Praying To Jesus Will NOT MAKE Your JUNK FOOD “Nutritious To Your Body” (PHYSICAL COPY)


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This DVD contains:
In Part III of EXPOSING THE SLAVE THEOLOGY OF THE CHURCH, The Minister will blast through the stupid myth that we can bless junk food to be nutritious in Jesus’s Name, according to II Timothy chapter 4. This idiotic slave/snaksesoil theology is arguably the most dangerous hoax in the history of Black America.MILLIONS of Black People faithfully have the family’s preacher say a prayer over a table full of toxic meats, sweets, and drinks during the holiday season. Nearly all the adults, the children, and the praying preacher are fat and or sick, yet no one questions this vain tradition’s logic. As the son of a preacher who ate himself to death and witnessed his father’s ENTIRE IMMEDIATE FAMILY DECIMATED BY HEART DISEASE, STROKE, AND DIABETES, The Minister of Wellness Nathaniel Jordan is taking the gloves off! You can pray from sun up to sun down in the tongues of ANGELS, and YET, when you get done, WHAT YOU EAT IS EITHER GOING TO DO 2 THINGS – POISON YOU OR HEAL YOU.

How fat and sick does the Black Church have to become before we forsake this snake-oil / slave theology which one can see has not worked in the REAL WORLD? Does the Bible support such nonsense that JESUS will make a ham sandwich and chips as nutritious to our bodies as a salad and a glass of water? Are New Covenant Believers in Yahushua still required to obey the “Dietary Laws?” Is it a SIN to eat pork, lobster, catfish, and other animal forbidden by The Most-High in the so-called “OLD” Testament? The Minister Of Wellness Nathaniel Jordan will conclude this 3 part series ON FIRE!

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