Fat Loss Herbal Extract

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Obesity is linked to over 30 DIFFERENT DISEASES! Get the Lose 100 Pounds In 100 Days Book and combine with this POWERFUL herbal extract packed with ingredients renowned for inhibiting fat cell growth!

  • Chickweed
  • Fenugreek
  • Fennel
  • Dandelion Root
  • Gotu Kola
  • Lapacho
  • Milk Thistle


Aside from the herbs there is:

  • Distilled water
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Grain alcohol 
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  1. 5 out of 5

    Started this supplement on Friday 1/15/2021 and every day since then I have only needed to eat one meal each day my appetite is suppressed and not only do it help your appetite but it really have a great taste. I will update results on 2/15 Thank you Minister.

  2. (verified owner)
    4 out of 5

    I took this during the holidays to assist in maintaining my weight. Of course, I exercised and watched my eating, but this extract was another “boost” to help me not gain weight during that time. It was easy to take and I had no side effects. Thanks Minister!

  3. (verified owner)
    5 out of 5

    The herbs in fennel has increased my brain function, chickweed helped burn and is still helping me burn fat a lil more off my stomach, and fenugreek has reduced my cravings for JUNKFOOD
    thanks to the minister for giving me this product

  4. (verified owner)
    5 out of 5

    Good morning. I have been using your products and found them to be working for me. I bought the Lose100 pounds in 100 Days book, but before that, I used your weight loss supplement, and it worked for me. I’m not hungry like I used to be all the time, and I can eat smaller portions.

  5. (verified owner)
    5 out of 5

    Hi, Minister of Wellness!! I am so happy and pleased with my weight loss so far due to the Fat Loss and Inflammation Extracts help. The extract helped me shed more weight, and the combination of the two help me stop my plantar fasciitis pain. In November 2020, I weighed 266lbs, and now today, I’m 214lbs. I feel no pain in my joints and feet now.

  6. (verified owner)
    5 out of 5

    This supplement is amazing! After the loss of a family member in Dec. 2019, my eldest son started gaining weight at an alarming weight. He was depressed and no matter what time of day it was he was always eating something. (mostly processed foods and snacks). It was very concerning. His highest weight was 311lbs. I had seen some of your videos here and there, and thought of buying your weight loss supplement. I purchased them I. 2020. I encouraged him to eat a plant based diet as well as exercise. He has also, watched your videos on G-bombs, and started introducing them into his diet. It hasn’t been easy. However, the first thing I noticed when he started taking your weight loss supplement that he wasn’t eating all day anymore. In fact, he says he isn’t as hungry as he used to be. He doesn’t have the urge to snack as much. When he does he reaches for berries, nuts and seeds. He takes the supplement as directed. It is February 12, 2021, and as of today he weighs 259 lbs… and he’s not stopping now. Thank you for being obedient to the MOST HIGH YAH! It is saving my sons life!

  7. (verified owner)
    5 out of 5

    Greeting to all,

    I wanted to share my positive experience with the energy and weight loss supplements. I don’t like to have anything on my stomach early in the morning as I go to my CrossFit class at 5 AM before I go to work. I have been using a few drops of the energy supplement as I walk out of the door to study, and it gives me the energy and MORE to get through the tough workouts!

    I am also using the weight loss supplement, and I am finding that I am not snacking as much as I had before. I will definitely purchase more of both of them. I have also enjoyed reading the book Lose 100 lbs in 100 days! I look forward to trying out some of the recipes in it.

    The customer support from the Minister of Wellness is excellent!! Thank you for your teachings, shared experiences, and encouragement to keep pushing forward with GBOMBS eating! I have given up eating meats, and my body thanks me for it. I was doing great with my health and fitness; however, I slowly fell back into old unhealthy patterns last year with the shut down of everything, and the weight quickly came back. Your explanation on the video and follow up on wellness chat about weight gain was beneficial. I am thankful I came across your videos on YT!

    Be well, stay blessed.

    Arline aka n2meuc2 on YT.
    From NY

  8. (verified owner)
    5 out of 5

    Greetings! I have been using this Fat Loss Herbal Extract for about two weeks. This really helps suppress my appetite and also give me more energy. I will definitely purchase this product again. Thank you Minister of Wellness!

  9. (verified owner)

    You’re welcome!

  10. (verified owner)
    5 out of 5

    This supplement and eating GBOMBS have been absolutely wonderful for my weight loss. I went from 173lbs to 159lbs in 30 days. I had always been a workout fanatic and watched what I ate but after my hormones became unbalanced, nothing was working. I bought the supplement, book, stopped eating meat and started seeing results fast!! I also started buying for my relatives as well.

    The minister and his wife Chef Felicia have been a blessing and I thank God that they are obedient to God’s call with teachings on healthy living. It is saving lives! May the Lord continue to bless you both.

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