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The B1 Pandemic Victory Plan – The TRUTH About Natural Immunity & Viral Protection For US By US (Physical Copy)


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This DVD contains:
Even the White Supremacist, Big-Pharma-controlled CDC, and mainstream media, with all of their LIES, admit that over 94% of ALL COVID-19 deaths are attached to specific co-morbidities. These co-morbidities include OBESITY, HEART DISEASE, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, DIABETES, ASTHMA, RESPIRATORY ILLNESS, etc. It is sickening to see so many Black People TERRIFIED of a disease mostly attacking people with conditions THOUSANDS of Black People have prevented and even REVERSED via nutritional and lifestyle medicine.

As usual, the plight of Black People is being used to push agendas that offer no root-cause solutions. Every Black Person on the planet at risk for severe complications and death from COVID-19 could strengthen their Immune System, NATURALLY, to the point where this virus would have NO POWER OVER THEM. However, this can only be obtained via arming the Immune System with the Medicine Foods of God. The LAST thing the Black Community needs are government shots! No, we need a health revolution!

In this DVD, The Minister Of Wellness Nathaniel Jordan stands on the shoulders of The Honorable Prophet Elijah Muhammad, Dr. Sebi, Baba Dick Gregory, and Dr. Llaila Afrika, a few of the great Black Holistic Health Practitioners. The latter dedicated their entire lives to teaching our people that the idea of BLACK EMPOWERMENT without EXCELLENT HEALTH is a PIPE DREAM! In this powerful, critical, information-packed DVD, The Minister Of Wellness will teach you how to REVERSE all COVID-19 co-morbidities, so you can NEVER have to fear this virus. ALL strains, mutations, other viruses, and ANY OTHER disease!

Black People have existed for MILLIONS of years, living long lives in EXCELLENT health, free of disease, without European hospitals, shots, and drugs. We have forsaken our ancestors’ ancient ways of healing in exchange for band-aide approaches. We have become addicted to a toxic form of eating and living and then a poisonous way of treating diseases that result from our poisonous way of eating and living.

After hundreds of years of documented history of Medical Apartheid, why would any Black Person be so quick to subject themselves to rushed, experimental government shots? Why entrust the most precious thing in life, your HEALTH, to the hands of greedy pharmaceutical corporations that have a long bloody, corrupt history vs. the teachings of Dr. Sebi, for example, who stood before the highest court in this racist nation and proved AIDS could be cured, NATURALLY?

If Black People don’t wake up, we continue to be first in line for mandatory lockdowns and forced vaccinations. No one should have an immune system so weak; they are afraid of a virus in the same family as the common cold. Using a virus to propagate forced vaccinations is an abomination while completely ignoring nutrition, supplementation, and exercise.

Accepting the myth that before or without the White Supremacist Vaccinology program, Black People were and would continue dying at young ages from viral and bacterial diseases is a racist slap in the face. The ancient Black Egyptian Physician Imhotep taught the European Hippocrates to “let food be our medicine and medicine be our food.”

In this DVD, The Minister Of Wellness Nathaniel Jordan gives the Black Community TRUE informed consent we have not and will not ever receive from our oppressors.

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