13-YEAR OLD LOSES 50+ Pounds Due to binge-watching my videos!

“Greetings, Minister of Wellness,”

“My son is 13 years old, and his name is Isaac Abraham Mensah.”

“He started listening to you in September 2019 and instantly changed his eating habits eating G-BOMBS (greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, and seeds).”

“He went from 203 pounds in September 2019, and today, 1-23-2020, he weighs just 152!”

“He eats 2-3 times a day black beans, pinto beans, broccoli and recently added a Lil scope of mashed potatoes, and at times avocado. He has even eaten Mediterranean bread at times.
He eats no oil, no dairy, no sugar, no processed foods, no chicken.”

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