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Anthony Lost 65 POUNDS!

“When I came on the Police Department, I was 21 years old, 175 lbs. However, after several years of eating the typical Police officer diet full of fried chicken, fried rice, and other fast foods, I ballooned up to 240 lbs. I was suffering from knee pain; back pain frequents headaches, and problems with vision, blood pressure, and a myriad of other annoying bodily issues. I met Nathaniel in 2013, and I was amazed when I found out he had lost 100 lbs. I noticed how he would carry a big cooler full of salad with him to work every day and NEVER gave in to what everyone else was eating around him. I started to pick his brain and as I learned from him, started slowly making changes to my diet. It wasn’t an overnight process, but I just kept learning and learning, and little by little the knowledge and Nathaniel’s passion propelled me to return to a weight I thought I would NEVER SEE AGAIN.”

“Unfortunately, after 25+ years of being 210-240 lbs., I experienced a lot of pushback and harassment from other police officers over my dramatic change. The loneliness of eating to live as a Police Officer was so extreme, at times, I thought about returning to my diet of fried chicken, pork, and fried rice, just to regain some fat not to seem so different. Nathaniel’s support and wisdom during this time were critical. He constantly checked on me and encouraged me that one day, all those jealous food addicts would look to me as a “health guru,” like they do him. He was right! Nearly every day, someone in my family is coming to me with a question about a health problem they’re having. I have also inspired my oldest son to change his diet and workout regularly.”

“I’m still learning and making changes, as I have some serious body composition goals I would like to achieve by my 50th birthday. I still can’t believe at age 50; I’ll be leaner and healthier than I was at 18! It’s not just the vast knowledge The Minister of Wellness has; it’s his PASSION combined with a tremendous voice that moves people in a way no one else can. Once you learn from or hear The Minister of Wellness, you’ll NEVER forget what he told you.”

Peace and blessings,


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