BEFORE & AFTER thus far of Sister Pam’s amazing journey to REVERSING Type II Diabetes!

Sister Pam is on a LIFELONG journey, so this is just the beginning! Since attending my December 28th, 2018 LIVE Health Seminar, she has gone from 230-200, lost SEVERAL inches off her stomach, and has gone down nearly 3 dress sizes! MOST IMPORTANTLY, she has REVERSED her Type II Diabetes FOR GOOD! Not managed it, REVERSED it!

Her joyful words to me via email:

“Shalom Minister of Wellness, I could not wait to get home from the doctor today with this praise report. My diabetes is now REVERSED. HALLELUYAH!!! I praise YAH for bringing you into my life! The G-BOMBS and ALL that you taught me and so many others are astonishing facts. I have a few more pounds to lose before I present mine after the picture. THANK YOU, THANK YOU AND THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!”

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