I’m still going, but long story short, I was a FOOTBALL PLAYER, a lineman at that all the way to arena ball. ALL I ATE WAS MEAT. Before I went to arena ball, I started to feel pain such as turf toe, rolled ankle, and my knee swelled up to where I couldn’t bend it.

I would ice for days, and eventually, it would go away. I had those reoccurrence pain for 3-5 years, just thinking it was injuries. I even had pain in between my chest that prevented me from bending down in a lineman stance. When I was done playing football for good, I still had those pains, which led to going to the doctor to see what was wrong, and I was diagnosed with gout.
I wanted to drop my lineman weight, so I went through various diets such as Adkins, keto, cleansing, etc., which works as far as losing weight is concerned. However, you can’t do keto/Adkins with gout because it’s too much meat, and cleansing only works if you have a good meal plan. Also, I was surprised how fast I regained weight after ceasing these diets.
So long story short, I came across your YouTube channel, and I learned I wouldn’t need the gout pills to eat a meal. I learned I could drop weight while eating HEALTHY and started the G-BOMBS. The incredible results I have experienced thus far, as evident in my photos, speak for themselves.
 NO MORE GOUT PAINS, NO MORE SWELLING. If you ever had gout, you understand the pain, and I don’t feel that anymore while eating the MEDICINE FOODS OF THE MOST-HIGH GOD. I can workout with joint pains, and I can run without aches. I’m not done, but I just wanted you to see the results of your ministry. Hopefully, Lord willing, I can get to 250 and stay below that.
Thank you, Minister, Of Wellness.

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