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Pam REVERSED Type II Diabetes IN Just 30 Days!

My doctor diagnosed me with diabetes three years ago; my blood sugar was 586. I started on medication which I only took for two weeks after I stopped due to terrible side effects and began taking supplements. I was able to reduce my blood sugar to around 120-175.

I started The Minister of Wellness’ 30-day diabetic cure on 2/1/18. I followed his instructions not only diet-wise, but I walked 1 hour 7 days a week. I was very obedient by just eating from the recipes in the book. Some days were easy some hard, but I kept doing it. My blood sugar for February was 90-109, and I LOST 20 pounds. I STILL HAVE SLIGHT PAIN IN MY SHOULDER (arthritis), BUT NOTHING LIKE IT WAS. I feel so much better and thank The Minister of Wellness so much! During these 30 days, I called him a lot. Each time I called, he was patient in helping and encouraging me to stay the course.

I found out about The Minister of Wellness via a friend at church who sent me one of his YouTube videos in which he was speaking about the G-BOMBS (greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, and seeds). I am so glad I contacted The Minister of Wellness and got his book on Reversing Type II Diabetes. I recommend Ministry of Wellness, Inc. to anyone that is willing to try it worked for me.

Thanks again Minister of Wellness, Pamela Samuels

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