Thank you so much, Brother Nathaniel Jordan. In my last testimonial, I explained how I’d been a lifelong obese person from childhood to adulthood, with many health issues. These issues include possible breast cancer, fibroids, lactose intolerance, and a dairy addiction (that, with your info, I’ve learned was aiding it, along with toxins in many foods and meats). It is now 6 1/2 months, and I have lost almost 80 lbs.

I started at 247 lbs (left), then down 52 pounds (top right), & I’m now at 168 lbs. I feel great; I eat healthy vegetables and plant-based foods. I thank TMH for all the dedication He gave me, the help he sent, including your videos, your delicious recipes, your encouraging words, and other testimonials.

I’m almost at my goal; life feels so much more full of joy, I’m lighter on my feet and in need of a whole new wardrobe (LOL). I tell everyone I know and some strangers about your eating plan and how it worked for me. I’m excited about the future and the grace TMH has given me. Food is no longer a deadly drug of choice but a life-giving, creative blessing I enjoy every day.

‘Food truly is our medicine, and medicine truly is our food.’ I pray many, many blessings over your ministry, you and your family, always, and may the grace of TMH be with you all in this new healthy life journey.

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