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Good morning. About two years ago, I started my weight loss journey with my husband when he purchased your book “Prevent and Reverse ALL Disease 100% Naturally.” Fighting for my health has been a long and stressful journey. The Minister is right, FOOD ADDICTION IS REAL, and it is something that I have battled with and will continue to for the rest of my life.

When I started my health journey around the end of Dec 2018, I weighed 253 pounds, although I believe I was more than that. To provide some background history, I had many health issues, including fibroids, various colds, infertility, etc. I never went to the doctor to get diagnosed with fibroids, but I knew that I had them because I passed them out due to a change in my diet. (Beet kvass). Then I started the G-BOMBS after watching your videos. While watching your video series on The POWER of the G-BOMBS, I would get angry, and my food addiction would start speaking to justify that the foods I loved to eat are not that bad. When I first started making the recipes in your book, I was not too fond of the taste, especially mushrooms.

If it were not for my husband staying on me, I would have given up. But I kept eating healthfully and watching your videos, and now, as of today, I am 164 pounds! This is truly a lifestyle change, and by YAH’s mercy and grace, I will never go back to being obese and sick! ALSO, MY INFERTILITY WAS CURED, AND WE HAD A BABY 6 MONTHS AGO!!! Thank you for everything you put forth because it can change someone’s life if they allow it to.

The G-BOMBS is a disciplined way of eating, but it has excellent benefits. All praise to YAH because I believe YAH is preparing His people to be healthy these last days. Our people suffer so much from illness due to food addiction. We as a people need to hear a sharp rebuke. The Minister of Wellness gives this rebuke sharply. Yes, it hurts, but it is beneficial.

Above all, I thank our Heavenly Father for His Help in this journey, as it has taken much fasting and a lot of prayers.

May the Most-High bless you and your family.

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