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Sister Victoria

My name is Victoria, and I am 55 years old from New York. After my second son’s birth, I struggled with my weight and health for years. I have been on every diet in the world! My heaviest weight was 240lbs, and my health challenges ranged from fibroid tumors to diabetes. Diabetes was the last straw. I changed my diet and began working out and started to regain my health. My journey has not been easy, but after finding The Minister of Wellness on a friend’s Facebook page, I knew that God was putting him in my life. I couldn’t believe I saw someone with so much Holy boldness telling people how to be healthy—telling it like it is. I began listening to him regularly, and he has kept me on track and inspired. To date, I have lost 83 lbs. The Minister of Wellness has THE blueprint for healing and incredible health. And he is anointed to do this powerful work. I love his persistence and passion for his ministry. I have supported him in the past, and I will support his work as we advance. Thank you, Minister, of Wellness for all of your help. I appreciate you.

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