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Success Stories

Minister of Wellness, My name is Juanita, and I'm 34 years old. At the young age of 17, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure & I was morbidly obese. This has been an ongoing battle throughout the years, but then I came across the Minister of Wellness through “The Watchmen Reports” YouTube channel in 2018. That's when my life changed. I started watching the “12 Components of Food Addiction” and “The POWER Of The G-BOMBS.” I changed my eating habits and started fighting my food addiction. The Minister of Wellness is right; it's a struggle, but it is necessary to improve your life. I went from 287 pounds, and now I weigh 185! Also, I have reversed my high blood pressure, and I'm no longer on the blood pressure poisons! Best of all, I'm feeling great! Thank you, Minister of Wellness. You have changed my life. Sincerely, Juanita 

Sister Ellis Has Lost 70 POUNDS & REVERSED High blood pressure! And she is just getting started!

My name is Chrischon Ellis. Your ministry has changed my life. Last year I was diagnosed with very high blood pressure, and all the doctor seemed to want to give me was a bunch of drugs, but the Holy Spirit lead me to your teachings, and now I'm being healthier and happier. I'm 30lbs away from losing 100lbs, and I have more energy than I know what to do with. And most importantly, no more high blood pressure. So please keep doing what you're doing because you are saving people's lives.


Thank you so much, Brother Nathaniel Jordan. In my last testimonial, I explained how I'd been a lifelong obese person from childhood to adulthood, with many health issues. These issues include possible breast cancer, fibroids, lactose intolerance, and a dairy addiction (that, with your info, I've learned was aiding it, along with toxins in many foods and meats). It is now 6 1/2 months, and I have lost almost 80 lbs.

Jesse Bell REVERSED his HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE and lost 25 pounds in the process!

The Minster of Wellness saved my life, and for that, I am genuinely grateful.

TV Host Rock Newman Lost 70 POUNDS & Reversed Pre-Diabetes!

Nathaniel Jordan The Minister of Wellness ROCKS and is AWESOME!!!

Anthony Lost 65 POUNDS!

"Nathaniel’s passion propelled me to return to a weight I thought I would NEVER SEE AGAIN.”

Pam REVERSED Type II Diabetes In Just 30 Days!

I recommend Ministry of Wellness, Inc. to anyone that is willing to try it worked for me.

Jamila REVERSED her High Blood Pressure In Just 3 WEEKS!

I went from knowing I was going to have a stroke or die, to no longer worrying and living with the stress of HBP!